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The 69 Residency by Investment Programs of the World

This is a list of ALL residency by investment and retirement programs and solutions. I also add the most popular solutions for obtaining temporary or permanent residence permits even if they are not organized as official programs. However, this list is not complete! Please contribute and suggest new programs, solutions or help me with additional information.

Do you know what is a fast-track residency program? Or what is a residency by investment program without investment? If you are not sure about the products of the immigration industry, you can read about the classification here (citizenship, residency, fast-track, retirement, etc programs.)

European Union Residency by Investment Programs (20)

  • Austria Key Worker and Self-sufficient Visas
  • Belgium Residence Program
  • Bulgaria Investor Program
  • Cyprus Residency by Investment Program
  • Estonia E-residency Program
  • France Skills and Talent Visa, HNWI Investor Immigration Schemes
  • Gibraltar Category 2 and Self-sufficient Visas
  • Greece Permanent Residency Permit for Investors Program
  • Hungarian Residency Bonds Program
  • Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme
  • Italy Investor Visa
  • Latvia Residency by Investment solutions
  • Lithuania Company Ownership Program
  • Luxembourg Self-sufficient and Self-employment visas
  • Malta Residence Rules, Malta Global Residence Programme and Malta Residence & Visa Programme
  • Netherlands Foreign Investor Program
  • Portugal Golden Visa Program
  • Romania Residency by Investment Program
  • Spanish Golden/Investor Visa
  • UK Tier1

European but not EU member states’ residency by investment programs (11)

  • Andorra Residency Categories
  • Georgia Investor Residence Permit
  • Guernsey Residency Permit
  • Isle of Man Tier1 Entrepreneur and Investor Visas
  • Jersey High-Value Residency Program
  • Monaco Residency Visa for Investors
  • Montenegro Non-working Visa
  • Russia Five Year Visa
  • Switzerland Lump Sum Taxation Residence
  • Turkey Residence by Investment
  • Ukraine Investor Visa

Residency by Investment Programs of the Americas (16)

  • Antigua and Barbuda Permanent Residency Scheme
  • Bahamas Permanent Residency through Real Estate Investment Program
  • Barbados Special Entry Permits
  • Belize Residence Permit Retirement Programme
  • BrazilPermanent Residence Visa by Investment
  • Canada Express Entry
  • Cayman Islands CEC Work Permit
  • Costa Rica Pensionado Visa Program
  • Ecuador Investor Visa
  • Montserrat Economic Residence Programme
  • Nicaragua residence permit for pensioners, retirees and investors
  • Panama Friendly Nations Visa and Skilled Professional Visa
  • Paraguay Permanent Residency Permit Solution
  • St. Marteen Residency by Investment Scheme, Retirement Residence Scheme
  • Turks and Caicos Residency Program
  • United States EB-5
  • Uruguay Residence Permit Solution

Asian Residency by Investment Programs (11)

  • China Green Card
  • Japan Investor Visa
  • Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme
  • India Investor Visa
  • Macau Residency By Investment Program (suspended)
  • Malaysia My Second Home
  • Pilippines Special Investor’s Resident Visa (SIRV)
  • Singapore Global Investor Programme
  • South Korea F2 Residency Permit
  • UAE Offshore Zone Work Permit Programs
  • Vietnam Investor Visa

African Residency by Investment Programs (8)

  • Botswana Residency By Investment Solution
  • Egypt Residency by Investment Program
  • Mauritius Residency Scheme for Foreign Investors
  • Seychelles Residency Program
  • Senegal Residence Permit
  • South Africa Business Visa

Australasian Residency by Investment Programs (2)

  • Australia Premium Investor Visa
  • New Zealand Investor Scheme and Investor Plus Scheme
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